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in     by Administrator 08/05/2022

Recycling Organic (Food) Waste


Studies show the recovery of organics from the landfill will be minimal!

Food waste stinks, especially in the summer!

We are mandated to comply!

This is the law!

In 2016, Governor Brown signed into law the Short-lived Climate Pollutants Law (SB1383) that mandated a 75% reduction in organic waste by 2025.  For the past 5 years, CalRecycle had been tasked with making up the rules to meet the goal.

The District had applied for a waiver that would have eliminated the requirement for residential collection of food waste.  The waiver was denied based upon the population density of the Silver Lakes Community.  The District was, however, able to get acknowledgement that we could operate a food waste drop off program.  

If we do not operate a food waste drop off program, the only other alternative is to include a third cart for curbside pickup what would be collected by a third truck each week during your normal trash pick-up day.  This additional service would increase your trash bill by a minimum of $7 per month as has occurred in the high desert cities that have instituted this method. 

To keep your trash costs low, the District is offering this voluntary program in an effort to satisfy the regulators, avoid a significant increase in your trash bills and comply with the law.  If this program is not successful and we have to go to a third can that you roll out to your curb each week, that option also comes with mandatory inspection and fines if the residential customers do not properly place the waste in the appropriate trash cart.

While we agree with you on the merits of this program, the District, like you, cannot ignore the law.  We are constantly reminded when dealing with regulations such as this, how important it is to be aware of what your legislators are doing in Sacramento when they pass draconian laws that impact the daily lives of each of us. 

This is definitely a program where we all have something at stake.  If we do not meet the diversion expectations of CalRecycle, then we will be mandated to add the third curbside cart. 

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact the District’s General Manager, Kimberly Cox at 760-951-0006 x224.


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