Mattress Recycling

The Helendale Thrift Store accepts used mattresses and box springs for free and recycles them.

Please drop off Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Please note: Customers must wrap or bag mattresses in order to be accepted. This will help to ensure the health and safety of our staff. Bags are available at the CSD for $2.50.

We are proud to be a ByeByeMattress Collection Site!

Thanks to Mattress Recycling Council’s ByeByeMattress program, we are diverting mattresses and box springs from landfills and deterring illegal dumping. The Mattress Recycling Council’s Bye Bye Mattress program recycles more than 1.5 million mattresses each year in California.

What happens to your mattress after you drop it off with us? We send it to ByeByeMattress where it gets cut open and separated into steel, foam, fiber and wood. Those materials get recycled into many other useful products such as carpet padding, insulation or mulch.

Click through the slides below to learn more about the Journey of Waste and the Prevention of Illegal Dumping.