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What is Backflow and a Backflow Prevention Device?
Water distribution systems are designed to deliver water from the distribution pipeline to the consumer. However, in certain cases, water may try to flow in the opposite direction, which is known as backflow. This is an unacceptable condition which can result in stagnant or chemically- processed water drawn from a home or business' water supply back into the water main and delivered to a different user.
In order to avoid backflow, a Backflow Prevention Device is required for ALL homes, businesses or new construction additions that have fire-sprinkler systems. A Backflow Prevention Device may also be required for a pool/spa, or for an irrigation system. Backflow prevention devices are required by law in required locations and must be installed in accordance with plumbing or building codes.

What do I have to do to maintain a Backflow Prevention Device?
A Backflow Prevention Device must be tested each year on a designated schedule AND whenever a Device is moved or repaired. On the yearly schedule, Helendale CSD will send a notice of required yearly testing to the water bill account holder, who is responsible to pay for and to ensure the test is completed. A licensed Backflow Tester will test the Device and send the required report to Helendale CSD. Customers should also get a copy of the report for their records. If repairs or replacement parts are required, the customer must have the device tested again and the results must be submitted to Helendale CSD. Helendale CSD charges a backflow maintenance fee of $35, which is separate from the testers fee.

How do I get notified that my Backflow Prevention Device requires testing?
During the month prior to the testing date, Helendale CSD will send a letter to the water bill account holder, reminding them of the date for the annual testing. If the backflow report is not received within 30 days a second reminder notice will be mailed, with a late fee of $15.00. Once the report is 45 days past due, a third reminder notice will be mailed with an additional $15.00 late fee.  Should the report become 60 days past due, the District will perform the inspection and bill the customer $35.00 for the test plus an administrative fee of $15.00.

My Backflow Prevention Device was tested less than a year ago. Why do I have to retest?
In order to comply with regulations from the County of San Bernardino, Department of Public Health, Backflow Prevention Devices are required to be tested when installed, if repaired or moved, and on a designated yearly schedule. For example, if a device’s annual testing date is in April, but the device is not tested until June, the date for testing the next year REMAINS in April, not June. Additionally, if the Device is tested in April, but is relocated in October, the Device will need to be re-tested for its new location AND re-tested on it's scheduled testing date in April.